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Austin Home Mortgage, LLC

Austin Home Mortgage, LLC is a well-established Mortgage Financing company founded in 2003, headquarted in Austin, TX. Austin Home Mortgage believes in not just providing the best rate and lowest closing cost, but in truly helping our clients by guiding them through the transaction process. We strive to find our clients the best rate and to provide a stress - free environment. We’ve always believed in being relationship-driven, not transaction driven. And, we will continue to do so for the next 25 years and beyond! You can count on us for the LOWEST Rate, the LOWEST Closing Cost and the BEST Service in the State of Texas.

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30 Year Fix 360 fixed monthly payments

20 Year Fix 240 fixed monthly payments

15 Year Fix 180 fixed monthly payments

Balloon/ARM Fixed rate within certain period. Lower initial payment with variable rates

To help tailor a mortgage to fit your individual needs,

our lenders need to know about your loan preferences such as:

* How much do you want to borrow?

* What's the monthly payment your are qualified for?

* What program fits you the best?

* Whether you want a fixed or an adjustable rate mortgage?

First Home Buyer Program (MAKING HOMES AFFORDABLE) is now available!

Requirement of "1% down, Lender pays 2% for borrower's down payment and No PMI" Program

Credit 700 or Up

Buyer has not owned property in the last 3 years

Complete First Time Home Buyer Class

Benefit of "1% Down, Lender pays 2% for borrower's down payment, No PMI Program"

Only 1% Down

Receive 2% from Freddie Mac

No Mortgage Insurance

No need to refund down payment if you re-finance after 6 months

Austin Home Mortgage can help you find the loan that's right for you.