Mengjia Liu


Her diverse cultural background makes her the perfect Realtor that truly understands your wants & needs. Megnjia was born in Qingdao China. She learned English in the first grade while living in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt. Her family then moved to Sacramentor California where she grew up. After purchasing her first home in Austin, Mengjia was intrigued about the real estate industry and decided to leave her 10yrs fashion industry experience to become a real estate agent. Her long time goal is to invest and grow in real estate. Mengjia is patient, understanding, genuine and trustworthy. Mengjia speaks both english and chinese. She is passionate about helping others achieve their real estate goals!

In her spare time, Mengjia enjoys cooking healthy delicious meals with fresh ingredients. Her favorite meal is homemade dumplings that she makes from scratch.

She has two spotted dogs: Stormi & Tsunami

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