Jing Lu

Residential Loan Originator and Media Director

After I completed my PHD degree, I joined Magma Design Automation and have worked in the semiconductor field as a Sr.product engineer, and application engineer for major tech companies around Austin for over 18 years. I am skilled in statistical analysis and numerical analysis, which always gives me a head for numbers. My prior work experience and knowledge provide me with the tools I need for real estate analysis and the mortgage industry. I have found that finding the best financing program and getting a loan approved is a dynamic and ever-challenging process. It utilizes many different skills, often at once, and I really enjoy that.

With each new, returning or referral client, I bring my mortgage expertise and aptitude for facts and figures to their particular situation. I begin with their goals, help them along the way and provide information from all sides so they can make the decision that is truly best for them. I serve all of my clients with honesty, integrity, competency, and friendliness. I am also responsible for writing articles about mortgage products, answering questions and compiling mortgage and real estate news on social media platforms.

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